Austin Ki Society

Who we are

The Austin Ki Society was founded in 1983 and dedicated to teaching the principles of mind and body coordination through Ki and Aikido. The teaching methods are those taught by Soshu Koichi Tohei, founder of the Ki Society International.

Tohei Sensei established Shin Shin Tōitsu Dō (心身統一道) which means "the way of realizing the [original] unity of mind and body" as well as the martial discipline Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō (心身統一合氣道) often referred to as Ki-Aikido. He believed that the practice of these arts and disciplines offered a path for long term self-development and cultivated harmonious action and oneness of mind and body, both in the context of physical conflict, and in daily life.

What we do

Austin Ki Society explores the various aspects of Shin Shin Tōitsu Dō and Shin Shin Tōitsu Aikidō by offering regular classes as well as special events, seminars and training.

Most traditional practice involves five elements:

  • Ki-Aikido is one of five Ki Society disciplines designed to help realize the oneness of mind and body. All Aikido techniques begin and end with the principle of non-dissension.

  • Ki no Kokyu ho is Ki breathing.

  • Ki no Ishi ho is a focused meditation.

  • Kiatsu Ryoho is a physical therapy. Kiatsu refers to connecting with Ki. Ryoho means therapy. Therefore, Kiatsu Ryoho refers to a form of personal therapy based upon Ki connection through the unification of mind and body. Rather than focusing on points, Kiatsu directs Ki through lines or meridians.

  • Sokushin no Gyo is a form of meditation that involves an active body. It can be tiring and often test the endurance of both mind and body. It strengthens your will and conviction to give completely in everything you do.

A variety of special events, seminars and training are being offered along with new ones being developed.

  • Eight Directions, Three Shapes, and Four Gates is an introduction to the fundamentals of mindful movement drawn from the practice of aikido, taiji and meditation.

  • Cat, Leaf and a Raisin is an introduction to the practices for maintaining balance, awareness and the art of falling.

  • Centering is an introduction of the movement practices is assist in maintaining a stable center while engaging with the push and pull of daily life.

  • Making Peace with the Relative World is an introduction of the application of the principle of non-disension and the practice of Ki-Aikido in daily life.

  • Five Principles of Ki-Aikdo is an introduction to the principles behind the practice of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Aikido with Coordinated Mind and Body).

  • Ki-Kenpo (氣劍法) is the art of the sword with ki.

  • Low Impact Aikido

  • Wooden Practice Weapons (Jo, Bokken)

  • Ki-Aikido Fundamentals: A Drop-in class designed to build quality basics and movement skills that benefit even the most senior students.

How we do it

Austin Ki Society, operating as Austin Ki-Aikido, offers drop-in classes as well as traditional ones. All classes are conducted at Traditional Martial Arts Academy at 4220 South Lamar Blvd. #400.

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