Austin Ki-Aikido

Head Instructor, Michael Farris

Over the years, a number of Ki Society dojos were established in Austin. Aikidoka practiced under Bill Lee Sensei at the University of Texas in the late 70’s and then under Mark Leidig Sensei at the YMCA in the 1980s. In 1983, Michael Price Sensei came to Austin, and founded Austin Ki-Aikido Center. Under his dedicated leadership and vision, the principles of Ki training reached a great number of Central Texans. Price Sensei left Austin in 1987 to return to Boulder, and Kathey Ferland Sensei became Senior Instructor. When Ferland Sensei retired in 2010, Michael Farris Sensei became Head Instructor for the dojo. 

The Austin Ki-Aikido dojo is a cooperative effort. It is a non-profit organization committed to offering Aikido and Ki training in a way that is accessible to many people.